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“Tara, you are the

happiest person I know!”

I hear this all the time. And it’s pretty true. I have a strong spiritual practice, I run, I ski, I do yoga, I travel, I found love. Easy for me to be happy, right?

I had 2 flopped engagements before meeting My Bravo. I was single for, like, 11 years. I’m also a cancer survivor, fyi. Basically, my 30s sucked.

Now, I’m a stepmom to a tween and a teenager (both GIRLS, help me!). I moved to the suburbs for love. I get stuck in traffic. My mom is aging. And every damn day, my smile lines get deeper and a little less funny.

It’s because I believe in self-care, self-compassion, kindness and a balance of all things.

I believe in trying hard, and not taking anything too seriously.

I see the bigger picture, and I believe that we can create the World we want to see

we ARE creating the

World we want to see.

I teach yoga, but I drop F-bombs when I’m taking a class that’s really hard (whoops, was that my outside voice?).

I adore potato chips, dark chocolate, green juice and red wine. They don’t call me The Wine and Pringles Yogini for nothing!

I trained for a marathon so I could eat more pizza.

Hubby says I park my car by feel. Whatever! I cut myself slack. I laugh really hard at stuff.

I’m so glad you are here, and you can have a bunch of laughs (gigglesnorts are THE best!), talk spirituality, learn mindfulness and meditate.


This is a




Tara's heart

Full disclosure:

My end game is World Peace.

I want you to Find Peace, bit by bit, moment by moment, and have a way better life.

It feels great!

Your family will feel great too!

A happy wife, is a happy life.

– my husband, and a bunch of other smart guys

You’ll be more relaxed, happier and more awesome at work.

Everybody wins.

And ultimately, those moments, gradually making you a happier and calmer person, they all add up to World Peace.

This is my plan for World Domination.

I’m a Spiritual Guerrilla, waging Peace.

I’m striking Hope into hearts around the world!


Play with me.

World Peace will be fun.

And it is gonna feel spectacular when we get there.