March Peace Challenge: #bloomingjoy - Tara Leduc
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March Peace Challenge: #bloomingjoy

Hi there Spiritual Guerrilla!

Oh boy, oh boy, I am so excited for spring! And I am even more excited for this month’s peace challenge, #bloomingjoy.

It has kind of a sneaky feel to it, with patience and surprises. And then YAYYYYYYYY!!

Isn’t it so fun to see flashes of colour where you’d expect just dreary, ugly cement? Wouldn’t YOU like to be the one who spreads Peace by planting JOY? Isn’t it completely AWESOME to see sweet, beautiful flowers in completely unexpected places? And wouldn’t you feel great when someone else is surprised by gorgeous flowers that YOU planted there? Well, this is what this month’s Peace challenge, #bloomingjoy, is all about.

So here’s how it will work:

  1. get some bulbs or seeds
  2. go somewhere where it will be a fabulous surprise to have flowers appear
  3. plant your stash
  4. come back here on the blog or here to share what you’ve done, cuz waiting on this surprise is going to be fun, but kinda tough on our own. (Use #bloomingjoy so I can try to keep track)
  5. wait………..
  6. in a while, maybe next month or later this year, watch with GLEE when flowers pop up where they aren’t expected. Notice other people being filled with happiness, surprise, joy and peace when they notice these unexpected blooms. #bloomingjoy !!
  7. realise we ARE changing the world, and creating a wee bit of World Peace, by doing this.

Didn’t I tell you we are changing the world, peace by peace? World peace IS possible, I pinkie swear it. If all of us do a little bit, we will get there.

I’m so, so excited!

Hey, why not bring your kids along? Invite your neighbours or community group?

So, my hubby works for the parks department, and he has asked that we do NOT plant in the park, as they have a plan for their flowers.

That’s cool. What about parking lots, or concrete jungles, or your neighbour’s yard, or under the trees in the street, or the middle of a traffic circle? Maybe in areas where kids play, or old people walk?

Weather stuff:  This will be running until April 15, as I know there are places where it isn’t time to plant yet. And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, please plant some spring bulbs. It’s time now, right? If you aren’t sure what would be a good choice of bulb or seed, ask at your local garden centre. And encourage them to join us in spreading colour in surprising places!

Please do NOT get arrested. (or shot, if you are in the US….)

DEFINITELY share pics when things start to bloom. Post them on Instagram, tag me (@taraleduc) and use #bloomingjoy. Or email them to me at and I’ll post them on Instagram. So we’ll spread even more Peace. Spiritual Guerrillas will take over the planet.  🙂


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