Monthly Peace Meditation Fundraiser - Tara Leduc
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Do you have 90 minutes and 10 bucks to help make the world a better place?

Weren’t you gonna save the world once? We all have these great intentions, but life gets nuts, and who can find the time?

And doesn’t something like World Peace take, you know, World leaders, and summits, and…?

Maybe. But I’m waaay too impatient to wait on them. Our kids need a safer place. Climate change is happening now. Sure, who has time to help, but… who has time to wait for someone else to fix it?

Come on, we know that if something is gonna get done, we have to do it ourselves, right? We are the ones, us regular folks – we have to pick up some slack and do something.

Yah, I know, kiddo has soccer on Saturday morning, so you can’t really get to that march downtown. Online petitions – maybe they help, but who knows?

I’ve got you!

This is a concept called Subtle Activism.

(What??) Yup, it’s being an activist, without leaving home, without making placards, without burning bras.

Let me tell you a story

So, back in 2011, American warships were sailing into the Persian Gulf, the Iranian leaders were threatening an attack, and things looked scary. There were nukes there, ya know?!

So, with dozens of us on a call, using a specific way of bringing us all together, we meditated on the Build Up of Tensions in the Persian Gulf. And know what? We saw beautiful visions of peace, of reasonableness, of the 2 sides talking, and of HOPE. I felt a bit better. We all felt a little more hopeful.

And a few days later, the tensions were lessened, the ships did stand down, the leaders stopped making threats.

Can we know for sure that our meditation helped? Nope. But did we feel like maybe, just maybe, we HAD done something? Yes. And that glimmer of hope felt good.

I choose to believe that this meditation DOES have a positive impact on whatever we focus on.


We all do Law of Attraction stuff, right? Like attracts like, good attracts good, Peace attracts Peace. We know this stuff works, and it can be used for things even more important than getting Rockstar parking spots! (Who doesn’t do a Happy Dance when that spot opens right by the door!)

My heart needs to do what I can, however small, to throw water on the burning fires of the world.
It’s only 90 minutes, but if it helps lessen the suffering of children, or helps leaders to talk more and bomb less, or, hey, if it contributes to World Peace a tiny bit, then let’s do this!

How it’s going to work

The first Wednesday of the month, we’ll get on a call. I’ll lead us all to focus on The Issue of The Month, and we’ll put hope, love and energy toward A Better Way. We go into silent meditation together, yup online together. After a bit, I’ll bring us back out, and open the lines for anyone to share their experience or any comments. Trust me, this is very cool, and it feels really awesome. I know it’s kinda woo-woo, but try it once – I’m sure you will love it.

I’m partnering with not-for-profits and charities who are doing important work for change. We’re using this as a fundraiser for them, plus a way to share their important message to a wider audience. Hmmm, so that’s meditating on Peace and Love AND raising money for organizations who do great work? Yes, this IS worthy of time in your busy schedule!

Not-For-Profits, charities, causes! Contact me here to apply to benefit from this program.
I love you and your big hearts!
Let’s get some support happening for your good work in the world!

You have 90 minutes and 10 bucks to help Make the World a better place, right?

Click to donate (suggested donation 10 bucks…but all karma is appreciated! Go big!)

to register for the next event:

–   Wednesday, October 7th   –

at 7:00 pm Europe/6:00 pm UK/1:00 pm Eastern/10:00 am Pacific.

Once you donate, you’ll get on the list and receive the upcoming call info.

If we wait for our Leaders to do it all, we are never going to get where we need to go.


Next call scheduled for:

–   Wednesday, October 7th   –

at 7:00 pm Europe/6:00 pm UK/1:00 pm Eastern/10:00 am Pacific.

This month’s featured organization:

KIDS COME FIRST, Wellingara, The Gambia