1 Minute of World Peace, enjoy this meditation - Tara Leduc
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1 Minute of World Peace, enjoy this meditation

1 Minute of World Peace, enjoy this meditation


1 Minute of World Peace 2017 was held on Oct. 7, 2017.

This event is 1 minute, synced across the world, where we each find peace in whatever way brings us peace.

This means you can do ANYTHING, as long as it feels good, and hurts no one. You cannot get it wrong.

Over the 6 years this event has been held, it has reached 110,000 people in over 105 countries. WOW.


Although you CAN do anything that brings you Peace, I led this meditation on facebook LIVE, so that everyone could join in and find peace together.

This meditation went deep, to connect souls across the world in our desire to create a more peaceful world.

So please, join me, join all the people who’ve joined so far, and will join in future, to breathe, relax, connect and #feelpeaceful in this beautiful meditation.

Inner Peace creates World Peace

You know, as we each find inner peace, we ripple that peace out from us, to our family and friends, our communities, and to the world. So we ARE creating World Peace. Each of us, contributing our breath, our love, and our intention, helps to create the world we want to see. Together, we are changing the world, Peace by Peace.

Thank you for you.





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