In The Moment Meditations - Tara Leduc
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Honey, what’s your crisis du jour?

  • Big big BIG meeting today, and I gotta wow the pants right off them!
  • I love my kids so much, but I’m gonna strangle them.
  • Time to primp for yet another nightmare first date. Why bother?
  • I gotta stop eating cookies or my butt will be the size of Jupiter!
  • I’m stuck in traffic again!!!!!

Hey, no judgement from me. Life is hard, and people kind of suck. Who wouldn’t lose it now and again?

  • But you don’t have to sleep your way to the top. Let’s help you show how awesome you are, and your new client can keep his pants on.
  • Kids are really, really cute… especially when they’re sleeping. Let’s settle you, so you never need to meet your scary cellmate, Selma.
  • Yah, sometimes it feels like a better idea to stay in with 10 episodes of Friends on Netflix, but going out can be fun (I know, I’ve done it!). Plus, having a snuggle buddy to watch Friends would be nice, wouldn’t it?
  • Cookies are delicious, but buying bigger jeans is a bummer. << didn’t I warn you there’d be terrible puns!?! ha!
  • Traffic… This is my struggle, so let’s see if I can’t make a meditation so calming, so serenity-inducing, that I don’t abandon my car and walk the last 10 miles to the yoga studio (again). There will be several versions of this, I predict, as I’ll do another one every time I end up waiting to cross the bridge, and I gotta pee so bad, I think I might drown.

Just scroll down through these easy, in-the-moment meditations, and find what’s gonna centre you, settle you, get you pumped up, or talk you off the edge. Take me and your phone into the bathroom, and lock the world out for a few minutes. Try this before that glass of chardonnay. Or, well….before the next one.

It takes a while to get really stressed, right? And it takes a little while to give you the remedy. Over-the-counter medication for what ails your mind and soul will be RIGHT HERE by May 1st.

Be part of the tribe and I’ll let you know when the meditations are live! Plus, I’ll send you a meditation RIGHT NOW to help you chillax in the meantime.


Grab the Chill Out Now! Meditation:

Need to take your AAARRRGGGHHH to Aaaaahhhhhh in 5 minutes flat? Click on this meditation. Breathe. Ground. Caaaalllmmmmm…

Put down that knife. Release the stranglehold. Stop the screaming inside your head! Oh, I know how good that would feel….. Click on this meditation and find a little peace. I promise, 5 minutes from now you’ll feel so much better.

OK cutie, gotta get pumped up? Hot date? Need energy to head out on the town? 3 minutes from now you’ll be shakin’ that booty like you own this place. SASSY! Go git it girl!

I’m making more as quickly as I can, but if there’s something you wish were here, pop a note in the Suggestion Box.


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Come here when you feel great, or when someone is begging for a can o’ whoop ass, and you are dying to serve it up over-easy. Didn’t I promise you no judgement AND sparkly awesomeness that you can enjoy in the comfort of your Fat Pants?! I wouldn’t lie to you