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I totally get it.

You’re all on your own. You want and need support, especially for brainstorming and creativity.

You need inspiration. Where will those fresh thoughts come from?

You’ve tried:

  • Brainstorming
  • Vison boarding
  • Time on your yoga mat AND meditation cushion
  • Just forcing it

You want those GOLDEN NUGGETS that seem to appear outta thin air.

Those gems that are so brilliant you need sunglasses, no! a freakin’ welding mask, to put in place.

Those things that will make all the difference in your next project, next quarter, next phase of your life!

You know what I’m talking about here.

Those ones that make you jump out of the shower and grab a pen!

It kickstarts the flow.

It brings answers, ideas, creativity, solutions.

What do you intend?

What do you need a solution to?

What do you need a new approach for?

In about 90 minutes, you WILL get something awesome.

Something new.

Something that kinda blows your mind, maybe with the innovative approach, or maybe with the ridonkulous, so clearly simple, how-did-I-not-see-that-before obviousness.

The Universe works in mysterious ways.


All timing is Divine Timing.


So, let’s just give it a little push, shall we?


A nudge.


Meditate to Create is that nudge.


OK, so what is this?

It’s an active meditation, but not the same-old, same-old blah-blah guided meditation. It’s you and me together, online.

Or you invite some of your closest supporters, and we all come together to focus on your intention.

I bring us in, and we sit in silence, allowing whatever comes.

This is NOT a blank mind meditation, so just notice the ideas and images that float in during this time. After I bring us out, we’ll talk about what we each saw, heard or felt. Sometimes there’s a clear pathway for exactly how to proceed, and other times, it takes more intuitive interpretation.

I cannot predict what will come, but I can promise that something amazing will happen.

A 90 minute session always produces guidance that is actionable, and usually, something else will flow in later, over the next few weeks or months. (If I could control The Universe, and how long anything takes, I would! Believe me, becoming Boss of The Universe is on my To Do list.)

Meditate to Create unlocks the Flow.

It brings things in. So you get mind-blowing ideas during the session, but magic happens later too.

Here’s how the Flow can work (and my personal story):

I held this session for the owners of my yoga studio. Through the meditation, I kept seeing kids. Kids jumping. Kids laughing. I’d never heard discussion of anything to do with kids at the studio before, and when I told the owners what had come up for me, they didn’t really comment.

Then, 3 weeks later, one of the owners told me, “I’ve got a meeting with the local School Board. If it goes well, we’ll be offering yoga classes to kids in 200 elementary schools. I’ve been trying to get this meeting for years. I don’t know why it’s happening now?!”

Aaaah-ha, I did.

And I hear these stories all the time of how impactful this active meditation has been for my clients. Want to witness the magic of the flow for yourself?

OMG, I want the FLOW!



Special Price: 1 session $177, or 2 sessions for $323

*Use the second session whenever you need your next blaze of brilliance. Or share it with your mastermind buddy or accountability partner! We all grow when we lift each other up.

Talk to me about special pricing for your circle. This will blow up all your minds (and businesses!!)

Who is this for?

You are open-minded, and open-hearted. You have a sorta-maybe-regular meditation practise. You dabble (or more!) in woo-woo things. You KNOW there has to be a better way than hoping and waiting for the angels to speak. (This is it, and we are gonna have SUCH a good time!)


Who is this NOT for?

You’ve never meditated for longer than 5 minutes, and the idea of doing that seriously freaks you out! You think Source is a brand of bottled water. You’re really sure that working harder is the only way to get ahead. (Btw, this makes me sad, so please please PLEASE download that wallpaper from my Home page into your phone. You are already perfect in your imperfections. Let me tell you that all the freaking time! You are lovely and capable and awesome.)

Want to try Meditate to Create at virtually NO RISK?

Because I am so passionate about World Peace, I hold a Peace Meditation Fundraiser every month. In that session, I use the same technique as I do in Meditate to Create. So, for your minimum $10 donation, you can get a sense of what an M2C session is like, AND contribute to a not-for-profit that is doing amazing, important work in the world. And, you’ll have inner peace and relaxation. And help save the world.

It is really the BEST POSSIBLE $10 you could spend.