1 Minute of World Peace - Tara Leduc
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The world can be a big, scary place. Wars, dictators, malnourished children, and corruption all exist. The news constantly shows us horrifying images that would make anyone want to hide under the covers.

But I truly believe that most people, us regular people, are peaceful and kind. So I wanted, no I NEEDED, to create an event that would give hope, and create Peace, even in a small way. Even 1 minute would be better than nothing. Jeez, it would be a Good Start.

Aug 18th at 7:55 am Pacific,
10:55 am Eastern,  3:55 pm UK

That’s where 1 Minute of World Peace came from.

It’s a minute, just one short minute, synchronised around the World, where people do anything that means Peace to them.

It’s run through Facebook, and word of mouth. People see the event, and invite their friends. Then friends invite friends, and it goes around the World.  It’s heart-powered, because WE want to see a different world!

In 5 years, it has spread Peace to more than 100,000 people in 105 countries.

And doing anything that means Peace to you means ANYTHING! On the day of the event, I love it when people write in to the Facebook event page, and tell us how they spent their time! Here are a few highlights:

  • planting flowers for their neighbours,
  • playing music in the street,
  • petting a cat,
  • meditating on World Peace,
  • sending a note of apology,
  • enjoying a thoughtful cup of tea.
  • Where the event takes place in the dark of night (being synchronized worldwide, it’s not convenient for everyone), people wake for a minute and think of Peace, or snuggle closer to their Loved One.
  • The reports that make me cry are those from Moms who pulled the car over, and spent a full minute telling their kids how much they love them. Can you imagine how long that minute lasts? Kids remember that feeling. I think they’ll do the same for their kids. And that will be Real Change, don’t you agree?

What if a war could stop for 1 minute?

What if soldiers, police officers, anyone who carries a weapon for their livelihood, joined us for one minute of Peace? What if they put the safety on, and remembered they are Peace Officers? What if they reflected on their desire for a more peaceful, safer world? One where the weak are not abused. One where people are safe to express themselves. A world without famine or corruption. A world of reasonableness and moderation. A world where discussion takes the place of violence.

I especially dream of a Compassionate Military. I deeply believe that most people, the huge majority of them, who chose a career where they carry a weapon did it to serve, to protect, to make a difference.

I dream of soldiers laying down their weapons, even if only for a minute. THIS was my initial vision for this event. And it happens during 1MWP! We’ve had US Marines stationed in Iraq mark 1 Minute of World Peace. We are starting to infiltrate the Canadian and British militaries as well. Reservists at home have taken out their weapons, ceremoniously and with intention, and laid them down for one minute.

Start with this meditation that will help you feel peace, right now.

[quick minute of Peace ]

Sometimes life makes you a little crazy. It’s ok.

Yes, I have a dream. And it is bigger than me, and bigger than any of us.

Of course, that’s why no single person can do this alone. It takes all of us to pitch in our small effort, wherever we are, in whatever way is meaningful to each of us.

Click the box below and download this 1 minute of peace meditation.

You’ll get to have Peace with me in one quick minute. If you thought it wasn’t possible, please check it out. Go ahead and make my day, baby!

You’ll also get to receive now-and-again updates on 1 Minute of World Peace, world peace projects, and other things that will make you feel better, right where you are – on your couch, in bed, at your desk, or yes, I see you DUDES looking at this on the john! My hubby calls that #PooglingforPeace. [All women sigh and roll eyes here.]

1 Minute of World Peace is happening Aug 18th, 2018 at 7:55 am Pacific, 10:55 am Eastern, 3:55 pm UK .

I can’t wait have you join me. Sign up to have all the details delivered to you, YES PEACE IN YOUR INBOX! And I’ll send a reminder, so you don’t forget to join the World for Peace! More deets will be on the blog.

I’ve got a pretty good network established, but my 24 hours a day only stretch so far. So, if you’d like to join in to help spread Peace in the world, let’s get the word out! If you’re like me, and the idea of Peace makes your heart beat more brightly, contact me. If you have contacts within any military in the world, please reach out to me!

Please email me directly at Tara(at)TaraLeduc.com
I’ll get so excited, I’ll probably invite you over for coffee.