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On Saturday, April 25, 2015, Nepal was rocked to its core when an earthquake of 7.8 hit. There have been aftershocks for days since.

A Fundraiser Meditation
to Send Support to the people of Nepal

They need help. And there’s plenty we can do.

Nearly 6,000 people have lost their lives. Entire villages have been swept away under massive landslides and avalanches.

This is a poor country at the best of times, and these are far from the best. Things are desperate.

So, let’s help!

Fundraiser Meditations to Send Support to the People of Nepal

I’ll be hosting Healing Peace Meditations to raise both funds and hope for the people of Nepal.

I’d be so honoured if you gave your support.

So please register for the online meditation here:

or donate, using the PayPal link here. Or both, of course!

This is personal for me.

Why am I so motivated to help Nepal?

I’ve visited this country 3 times, been trekking twice, and even got married there. I have 3 adopted families there. I’m relieved to say all my people are ok.

Charities and organizations are scrambling to help these people in crisis. Time is ticking, as people get thirsty, they get cold, they get sick.


I am in contact with my Nepalese families, and am working with them to find out which organization is helping in the most effective way.

And that’s where the donations will go.

I’ll let you know when I know, but please trust me, that I will try to make the most responsible decision possible.

It’s in times of emergency and crisis that the Absolute Best can be seen in people.

People who still have safe homes have taken in as many as can fit on the floor, to sleep out of the rain. People share what food and water they have. There are millions of tears of grief, but I guarantee there are equal tears of relief and gratitude. Human hearts are beautiful, truly.


So please give your beautiful heart (and your beautiful cash!) to this cause.


Tara's heart

Join the online meditation call here:


Donate via PayPal here:

Thank you for you.


Namaste – the light in me sees and honours the light in you.

KCFF Gambia,

and Why They’ve Captured My Heart

Did you know that in The Gambia, West Africa as many as 40% of children don’t survive to their 5th birthday?

Can you imagine that even primary schooling isn’t free, and parents will often skip meals to save the money to pay their kids’ school fees?

I spent 5 months volunteering in The Gambia, West Africa. This was the situation that existed then, and it’s hardly better now. Malaria, dysentery, poverty, limited access to education.

One day, a healthy, vibrant 5 year old in our compound was lying listless on the mat. “What’s wrong with her?” Her mother told me: “She has malaria.” It turned out that it only cost a couple dollars to get the medicine that had that little girl up, dancing and singing again. If she hasn’t had that medicine, she might have died. If there had been mosquito nets, she wouldn’t have been bitten by the mosquito that made her sick in the first place.

Kids Come First Foundation (KCFF) works hard to look after the health, welfare and education of children. I can tell you, it takes simple solutions – mosquito nets, clean water, inexpensive medicine, school fees – to make all the difference in a child’s life, and create a child’s future.

The incredibly giving Bubacarr Dampha runs KCF from the goodness of his heart. I’ve known him since I was first in The Gambia in 2005. He approached me then to help him start a local Red Cross Link, so he and his young friends could supply emergency services to their community. Next, he talked me into training them in First Aid. Now, he’s running multiple community programs and a Child Sponsorship Scheme, to support kids going to school. He’s always got his eye on the situation in the community. He’s always trying to improve the lives of children. He’s a hard worker with a huge heart.

I’m proud to support his efforts, and I’m really thrilled for what we can send to help him help the kids. Because, for Buba, Kids Come First.