I Manifested $31,000 Overnight: How Trust & Action Were Both Critical - Tara Leduc
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I Manifested $31,000 Overnight: How Trust & Action Were Both Critical

I managed to pull together $31,000 overnight!!!

How?? And why did I need to?

I’ve had funds in the UK for years, but realised it made sense to bring them home to Canada. AND I decided to use some of this prosperity to buy myself and my family a little Happy Shack in the woods in Washington for summer fun and winter skiing. ***ski cabin = massive vision board wish!! And massive statement of Self Love and Self Worth to buy a recreational property!! ***

Anyway, the wire transfer from Barclays was initiated on June 3rd… and has failed to turn up! Literally, they are tracing the funds. No one knows where they’ve gone.

A normal person would be seriously freaking out, and yet, I’m not. I know it’s gonna turn up eventually.

The funds needed to arrive in Washington this afternoon for us to have the Happy Shack on time tonight. So Wednesday afternoon, I thought, “Hmmm, I WONDER if I could raise the cash to buy the cabin?”

So I called my banker. (Sidenote: omg, find yourself a terrific banker. It helps your prosperity immeasurably to have help and support at the bank!) I asked her if she thought I could get $31,000 to buy my little cabin.

Hmmm. She asked to put me on hold for a second.

She came back squealing!!! (Yes, I have a banker who squeals with joy. She’s fabulous.) “Can you come in within an hour? You have a pre-approved line of credit for $15,000. I didn’t know about it! And it expires today, if you don’t sign by 5:00!!!” [That is miraculous timing right there!]

Next, my chequing account had $4000, plus $500 overdraft.

$19,500 done.

I have a business VISA card I barely use. Cash advance on that was $7000. (Note that the rate on this is 12% which is bad, but I’m hopeful my UK funds will arrive next week, and will pay it back to zero.)

$26,500 done.

I rushed to teach yoga, preparing my class plan in my head in the car. I themed it on Trust and Opening to Grace. You only need to believe that a power out there wants us to succeed and have a happy life. You don’t need to know how, or control it. I held my vision of happy family times in the cabin, and released.

I went home and asked hubby what he had: $2000 email transfer is all that’s allowed in 24 hours.


We’ve been doing work for my mom on her rental property, and she owed us. So that was another $3000.

$31,500. BOOM!!

And a final message that The Universe wants me to have a happy life: the rates improved overnight, and the amount required in US $ was $600 Canadian dollars LESS than the afternoon before.

Thank you very much. I gleefully accept.

And, btw, the deadline for completed transfer was 4:00 pm. She called at 4:03 to give me the good news THAT WE HAVE OUR HAPPY SHACK!!!!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 22:12h, 22 June Reply

    Great post, thanks for sharing. It goes to show that if you set your mind to something there is always a way!

    • taraleduc
      Posted at 21:39h, 05 August Reply

      HI Sarah!!! I apologise that I’m only seeing your comment now! And you are so right — manifesting is BOTH effort and allowing.
      I want to know more about your site. Drop by and tell me about moremoneymentoring.com


  • Hariomyoga
    Posted at 06:42h, 04 September Reply

    Tara good on you great to see that your vison manifested into reality you have a true vibrancy to yourself that shines thru see you soon at Hari Om yoga

    • taraleduc
      Posted at 15:42h, 04 September Reply

      Thank you so much!!!! As you read, time on the mat was a key part of manifestation! I <3 practising at Hari Om. I'll see you very soon đŸ™‚

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