Join the #FindYourInstaPeace challenge right now! - Tara Leduc
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Join the #FindYourInstaPeace challenge right now!

Dogs fought a skunk at 2 am?

Got up early to wash the dogs, and rewash all yesterday’s clean laundry? (Clean laundry + stinky back yard = start all over)
No time for a shower before your first appointment of the day, so you’re wet, stinky, and covered in grass and dog hair for 2 extra hours?
Wondering if skunk stink will stay in the walls?
Oh, was that just MY last 12 hours??!!
Sometimes life throws curveballs. Sometimes, it kinda sucks.
Luckily, TODAY (Thursday) is the start of the free 6 day ‪#‎FindYourInstaPeace‬ challenge.
Even if your life isn’t currently involving google searches on how best to remove skunk from walls, dogs, or clothes, this challenge will help you find that calm and tranquility when life seems to want to kick your butt all over town.
Truly, you really can find serenity when life hands you lemons. Or skunks. I will show you, by live example, how to find the peace in the chaos of Real Life.
Join now:

(Lol, they always say you teach what you most need to learn! Good one, God/Source/Universe. Very funny.)

P.S. there are sparkley PRIZES on the line… for the Love of All Things Shiny, jump in!

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