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Monthly Peace Challenge — #janloveletters

Monthly Peace Challenge — #janloveletters

HEEEYYYYYYYYYY there, Spiritual Guerrillas!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  spread peace, joy and love around this planet, having fun and maybe feeling a little sneaky-cheeky while you do it! WAH HAHAHA!  [cue Mission Impossible music….. dUN dun dun dah, dUN dun du dah]

World Peace is uber-important,  but it sounds kinda stuffy, or shrill, or like we might all have to burn our bras and sing kumbaya .

Holding hands in a circle.

And have dreadlocks.

In our armpit hair.

Yah, that doesn’t sound fun for me either. Ick, sorry. I might have crossed a line.  😉

I’m sure you aren’t anywhere NEAR as lazy as I am, but I mostly only get the Fun Stuff on my list done.

So, obviously, I want to bring giggles and slight sneakiness together with World Peace, and send My People (yes, YOU Luva Luva!!) out to create Random Acts of Peace. Let’s be WMDs (Weapons of Mass Devotion)!

AAANNNDDD, let’s do something together every month. And have prizes!

Are you ready to rumble????? Are you ready to party!!?????? YAAAYYYYYYY!

Alrighty, here’s the first Monthly Peace Challenge: #janloveletters.

This week, send a letter (or card) to someone, anyone, expressing your love or appreciation.

Yes, I am talkin’ SNAIL MAIL here.

Because we so rarely get paper mail now, a note that you can feel in your hands, you can more keenly feel in your heart.

So here’s the back story:

Before Christmas, I was tidying my office, and found a sweet card that I’d bought several years ago. (Yes, I should clean my office more often. :Definitely do NOT tell hub he might be right!) I read it, and immediately knew I had to send it to an equally sweet friend. I messaged her on facebook to get her address. I just told her I needed to mail her something, that’s it. I posted the card the next day with a short little note of acknowledgement and appreciation. Easy peasy.

So then this happened:

Screenshot_2016-01-08-15-43-57 Screenshot_2016-01-08-15-44-25




And now you know why this challenge is happening.

The emotion. The surprise. The gratitude. The love. The connection. It felt amazing, for both of us. (Hey, psssst, that’s a SUPER important point:  this zing of fun and appreciation and love FLOWS BACK TO YOU. Yup, put it out there, and I promise it flows back as well.)

So, this week, send someone a note, or card, or photo, or whatever…..using snail mail. Put a nice message in there. Do it once, do it a couple times, do it 5 times!

And then, yes, I do have PRIZES, that I’ll send to lucky people.

And how do you qualify to be in the draw?

  1. email me at:   (I’m not so great at tracking things otherwise!) to let me know that you’ve sent a letter. Email me each time you send a letter, and I’ll give you more entries to win the prizes.
  2. join the facebook group for us uber-fabulous Spiritual Guerrillas here. We’ll marshall here to say when we send stuff out, and if/when we get responses back. It’s like a Lab of Love. A Place for Peace. A Group for Good!
  3. you’ll find my posts on facebook and instagram and twitter. Share them, so more and more people can join this Love Revolution. Use the hashtag #janlovenotes, and tag me (@TaraLeduc), so I can follow and comment. (I don’t know how to use twitter, so I’ll try…)
  4. If you want, share a pic of your note. Definitely blank out any details like names and addresses, of course  🙂
  5. If you hear back soon, why not share a little story about what that was like, and how it felt.

This will be a lovefest. It’ll be awesome. We’ll be WMDs…hee hee.

And I’ll say it again:  Because we so rarely get paper mail now, a note that you can feel in your hands, you can more keenly feel in your heart.

I can’t wait.

¡Viva la Revolución!

P.S. this message will self-destruct in 30 seconds. (OK, not really.)






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