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My supportive husband…notsomuch

My supportive husband…notsomuch


Last Sunday, my hubby, Dingo, and I went hiking at Mount Baker, Washington, USA. What a stunning day! Blue sky, not too hot, easy-ish hike. And we got to the glacier. YAH BABY! This is my fave kind of hiking — not too much effort for fabuloso views!  😀

I was feeling very content where I was (aka. a tad bit lazy) so he kept climbing up, while I relaxed. And sitting in that glorious spot, close to a stream, in the sunshine, I decided to make a video for you on Alternate Nosrtil Breathing. That sounds like a weird thing, right? Give it a try. It’s very easy, and it’s super relaxing. It is actually HOW I started meditating for reals. It’s so grounding and settling.

I played the vid for hubby later. And he decided to make his video in response. #supportivehusband #notsomuch

This is the silliness that is my life. So, if you are single, take this moment to be thrilled you do not have a partner who mocks you. And if you are married, well, maybe don’t show your partner this, as dudes often find Dingo highly appealing and want to follow his lead.

Really, just watch these vids to laugh at my life.  🙂

Click on the pics……

breathe deep on a glacier

breathe deep on a glacier

my hub is kinda naughty pranayama taraleduc

Dingo shows HIS alternate nostril breathing


Hey, P.S. I have started periscoping!

*** What, you ask, is periscoping? Well, for all of us who are ADDICTED to social media, it’s waaaayyyyyy fun! It’s a new app, that allows me to do live video. You can comment live, and I can answer you back live. And if you miss the live vid, you can catch it for 24 hours. It is actually really, really fun! Just download periscope onto your phone or tablet, and it’s connected to your twitter. (I had to suck it up and get a twitter account for this. Yes, I did.) Search for me @TaraLeduc. And then periscope will send you a little whistle to let you know when I’m on. Comment to me. Send me hearts. Really, it is FUN.


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