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Love notes to yourself. Positive affirmations. I’m a huge fan.

Sometimes, we don’t hear those words we most desire to hear, the ones that BAM! Hit ya right in the soul!

You know, like, “Wow, you are beautiful, inside and out.” Or, “You are a fabulous person.” Or, “You are an incredible wife.” (OR husband! Don’t forget the dudes!) Or, “You rocked that scary thing. GO YOU!!” Or, “Your butt looks fantastic in those pants! The workouts are working!”

Inside each of us is a little kid, wanting someone to tell us we are good, we did good, everything is going to work out, what we already did is more than enough.

Sure, maybe there’s a part of us that says we should get all this nourishment from Inside. And yes, part of this is true. But damn, it feels Tony-The-Tiger GGGRRREEEAAATTTTT when someone else says it. ***

Here’s the thing though:  we only have control over ourselves. We can only make US do anything, not someone else.

One day, when I am the Benevolent Queen of the Universe, I will decree that everyone must say an Incredibly Nice, Meaningful Thing to someone else daily. So if there’s a coup or a vote for Universal Ruler, I definitely think you should back me. Just sayin’.  😉

But while we are waiting for that, we cannot wait for someone else to give us what we most want. Maybe they will, but maybe not. You don’t want to wait to feel good, right?

Loving ourselves IS an inside job. Until everyone reads our minds, or hearts, or souls, we will have to pick up a bit of the slack.

But it doesn’t have to be hard!!

So I came up with this assignment when I was being interviewed by the Amazeballs Michelle Gabriel [oh that’s here] last week:

Write yourself a note on your bathroom mirror. Use a cheap eyeliner or lipliner, or hey, even a wipe off marker. I know that saying really, really great stuff TO YOURSELF can feel super weird at first, so start small, and write:


Yes, simple. But powerful.

Every time you see it, read it. If you are brave, read it out loud. Really, DOOOOOOO EEEIIITTT.

If you want, pretend I’m in your bathroom, and I’m saying it to you. (Because I WOULD!! Oh, and this might be why I don’t necessarily get invited out of my house often? #enthusiasticbathroomstalker )

Anyway. I would do this because



Do it. For bonus points, come and join my facebook group, [Spiritual Guerrillas] and share a pic of your message there.  Even share how it feels (weird, great, both?) Then we can ALL share in how awesome we all are. YAAAYYYY!!

You are kind of awesome. My shed says so!

You are kind of awesome. My shed says so!

*** note: OMG, I just got the MOST amazing idea, from writing this. I’m kind of super duper stoked about it…… You know how I’m the best cheerleader on the planet, right? Would you love an app on your phone where you could look daily for an awesome ENTHUSIASM from me? Every day, I’d tell you something GREAT about you, so you feel all sparkley and fabulous.  I think that would be THE FUNNEST thing to make. Would you love it too? Let me know in the comments!

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