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When I was Reminded The Universe Loves Me

When I was Reminded The Universe Loves Me

You know how sometimes you need a sign? You are so far into your head, or the shit-tornado of your own dramatic life, and then….tap tap tap on your shoulder.

Well, that was me, last week. Yelling at lots of people inside my head. Twirling circles of overwhelmed frustration in my kitchen. Having so.much.to.do, but accomplishing nothing.

So, I tried to change the channel, and head to yoga. That always works, right?

Then, the phone rang, and I did manage to get one task done off my list. <tiny win> But when I arrived at the studio, breathless and angsty, the door was locked.

And I was left kicking the curb, and shaking my fist at the sky.

So what next??

I went into my phone, and quickly opened instagram. (Yep, one of my faves….)

And, laaaaaahh, angels sang, as this was what appeared.

Sometimes, the perfect thing happens, at the perfect time. Proof positive that the Universe loves me.

(Hey, pssst, the Big U loves you too. You know that, right?!)

Do you follow signs? What was the best sign you ever got from the Universe? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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how I know the universe loves me

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